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And they got the cheek to talk boast about safeguarding Sabah rights? There were also comments that were sarcastic in nature like one Ronnie Dimuk who congratulated the person who was responsible for bestowing the said title on Anwar. Jangan cuba utk terikut ikut Politik Malaya yg mempolitikan Bangsa N Agama…. P/s: Dalang Peberian 800,000 IC Projek d Sabah adalah DSAI n Mahatir semasa menjadi PM n TPM……. Walau sya mengagumi kepimpinan DSAI sejak dulu, sgt susah mahu menerima dia sbg huguan siou.. Jaymie Jaimye jangan campur budaya kita dengan politik.

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Another commentator, Gaman Kodou expressed regret that such a coveted, sacred title that is exclusive to the Kadazan Dusun community has been given to someone who is not only an outsider, but also who has not contributed anything to the state.

“Now that even the supreme title has been bestowed to a non-KDM and an outsider, imagine what else will be given away to the Pakatan Rakyat government if they come to power in Sabah? Bikin ketawa punya Dusun.” Another commentator Ben A Gampangang called for an explanation of such an act by those who are involved. Tp sgt mengecewakan bila adat dan budaya boleh digadai hanya kerana politik.

Hence one must understand that when someone mentioned about Huguan Siou, automatically people will refer to the Kadazan Dusun community.

So, it’s better to use other name (on Anwar) so as not to create any confusion and uneasiness to others,” she said.

After all, he was a witness to the ‘crowning’ of the PR chief on Sunday...

Furor against bestowing of Huguan Siou title on Anwar Ibrahim By Matthias Hermes KOTA KINABALU, February 11, 2013: As if the ‘Allah’ issue has not done enough damage to the racial unity-and-harmony of this unique nation that is proud of its racial harmony, now another race-and-culture-sensitive issue has ensued.Bulan lalu, rangkaian francais Auntie Anne dilaporkan tidak mendapat sijil halal kerana satu daripada produknya dinamakan sempena nama anjing, “pretzel dog”.Ustazah Hamidah, Mira Faidzul, Paramount Property, Emma Ma'embong Universal, Glucosigma, Minyak Lintah Gunung belacak, Mozfemes Perfume - Realiti Wangian Tersendiri, Puteri Kedah Puteri Kedah, Nak Cantik Macam Emma Maembong, Online sex video, Sex, Cen-d Suppliment Untuk Sendi Page, Eyra Umairah, ຮັກແຜ່ນດິນລາວ ລາວ ແຜ່ນດິນລາວ, Sohna Raj, Pakar Perunding COWAY, Awek Sangap, Instaforex Malaysia, Perpustakaan Desa 1 Malaysia Bertam Hulu, ULTRA BIG Win, Perpustakaan Desa 1 Malaysia Durian Tunggal, Scr888 Win Club88, Alliance Bank Malaysia, Pinjaman Loan, Jomtopup, Sistem Angpau, Lυck2ぴ①①⑧, Cometome88, Super Bike, Maxbet Casino, Eyra Surprise Delivery, Merk Reen, Cik Puan Sha Mustafa, Loans Capital Top, Titan Club168, ICGBet.Many have since expressed their anger through Facebook in response to a posting of the incident by Jonathan Yasin, Ranau PKR Chief which features a photo showing Anwar wearing the Kadazan Dusun headgear and a sash bearing the ‘Huguan Siou’ title around his shoulder with the caption: “DS Anwar Ibrahim telah dinobatkan sebagai Huguan Siou Malaysia di Kg Paginatan, Ranau-10/2/13” (DS Anwar has been coroneted the Huguan Siou of Malaysia in Kg Paginatan, Ranau 10/2/13).The said posting received more than 350 comments and shared by more than 50 people, with most of them expressing their disapproval and disgust against such an act which they deemed a gross insult to the Kadazan Dusun community.Yang memberi gelaran itu juga tidak layak berbuat sedemikian.


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