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Tony lost his battle with cancer Sunday, February 8th, 2009. This site will remain up and running as a memorial for an indefinite time. Dale, WA4DSY Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes - Eimac's very informative book all about power grid tubes. Click on the link to "Care and Feeding" on the left Margin of their page. Then Fed Ex RETURNED the wet package to me, in my packing, NEVER OPENED! Then I received a check in the mail from Fed Ex for an amount LESS than I paid (this should have gone to the shipper that filed the claim, not me!

Then I received a letter in the mail from Fed Ex telling me that the claim was rejected because of insufficient evidence.

You can use this to monitor radio activity, telephone activity, or any other audio source.

Usually you will begin to get relief within 24 hours and the worst you usually experience is a little diarrhea.

My own personal experience has been that I can take one pill every other day or so to lower the uric acid levels to help prevent an onset of gout.

While calm has reigned for the past 48 hours in the restive west of the country and some flashpoint Nairobi slums, the announcement is expect to fuel further anger and protests.

At least nine people have died since election day, many shot by police according to rights groups, taking the death toll since the first presidential election on August 8 to 49.

And Chebukati decided Monday to abandon plans to reschedule the vote in 25 violence-hit constituencies where voting could not take place, estimating these would not affect the outcome.

It is with great sadness I have to report that my friend Tony King, W4ZT, formerly WA4UPE and author of this web site, has gone SK. I heard that this was caused by someone using an Oxygen/Acetylene torch to cut a hole or enlarge a hole in the base of the tower. The shipper sent me a new component via USPS Priority Mail with no problem.Odinga refused to take part in the re-run, accusing the IEBC of failing to make sufficient reforms to ensure it would not be flawed.He called on his voters to stay away on election day.A total of 7,616,217 cast ballots in Thursday’s protest-hit election.The vote was the chaotic climax of two months of political drama after the Supreme Court overturned Kenyatta’s victory in August 8 polls over widespread irregularities and mismanagement by the IEBC.I take Allopurinol daily but at times I think you need a little more help.


  1. Si bien en esos años con Tiberio también Calígula se entregó a cosas como las artes escénicas, la danza, el mimo y otras actividades consideradas inconvenientes para los nobles pero buenas en sí mismas, también aprendió a disfrutar de las orgías y el desenfreno, y hasta se hizo el hábito de asistir disfrazado (con peluca y manto para que no lo reconozcan) a torturas y ejecuciones.

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  3. They were very hard nosed, rigorous, serious thinkers, and that excited me – that you can apply some of the rigour of the sciences, where I was coming from, to politics.

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