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Give it a look below for an early glimpse at Lafcadio Boone, as the elderly priest strives to prevent a string of recurring murders from happening within the walls of The Sexy Brutale casino mansion.The series of murders transpire over the course of a single day, repeating on an infinite loop, and it's up to Boone break the cycle and uncover the secrets of the mansion and its mysterious owner.

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'_' is # a convention in Python meaning "this name has # no importance, it's disposable code that we'll # use only once" @app.signal("onjoined") def _(): # We get our IP address on the local network. SOCK_DGRAM) s.connect(("", 80)) # We store the local IP address in a container # that will be accessible anywhere else.

# It's a trick requiring an external IP to # be reachable, so you need an internet connection. app._data["LOCAL_IP"] = s.getsockname()[0] s.close() # We declare that the "ip()" function is callable using # RPC.

And I found something very fun: a video player you can pilot remotly Indeed: isn't it lame to watch an online movie from you couch while your laptop is on the distant table ? I'm going to translate them here, but not in the repository, I'm too lazy for that.

If you wanna pause or change the volume, you have to get up. Maybe Tobias will host an english version of it, you will have to ask him (complete project code can be found here).

# Please note the namespace should be written stuff, # not foo:bar, foo/bar or foo. We now have 2 servers running: an HTTP server listening on port 8000, and a WAMP server listening on port 8080.

In production, crossbar can serve HTTP and WAMP, so no need for 2 tools.

Just ol' good HTML, a little CSS, loading JS dependencies. Since we are using hotlinked resources to make thing simpler, you'll need to be connected to Internet for it to Work. Crossbar could do that for us in production, but for dev, we're not going to setup it, we gonna take the easy road.

So, at the project root, run the following command: Again, for the sake of simplicity, our Python app is going to start a little dev WAMP server. For this demo, the server doesn't have a lot to do.

We now need to define our video player behavior via javascript.

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