Single springer seat

At one time we were building rigid forks over sixty inches long that actually functioned fairly well since they were very flexible but in order to provide effective cushioning rigid forks need to be on bikes having extreme amounts of rake with relatively low steering neck heights.Telescopic, also called hydraulic, forks are mounted on about 95% of all modern motorcycles today and in operation function like a pair of giant oil-dampened Pogo sticks held together by the upper and lower fork trees.

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Your life depends on your forks regardless of the style, type or design you finally select.

Always remember to take anything you see or read in a chopper magazine with a grain of salt.

There are several derivatives of Springers where the springs are inverted or placed near the rockers and one style where the springs are concealed within the tube legs.

There are also Springers that use flat leaf springs as seen on some Indians and British bikes.

The only reason that Girders are not more popular than they are is because they are more complicated and hence more expensive to manufacturer and they really need to be custom made for a specific frame configuration.

Whenever you hear somebody bad-mouth a girder its usually because the particular set of forks in question were designed for a specific bike or frame and then adapted, unmodified, to a new frame that has slightly different geometry.To complicate matters a bikes handling characteristics are also affected by a variety of things that have nothing to do with the fork system being used.Some of these factors are tire and wheel size, neck height, wheelbase, total weight, and weight distribution just to name a few.Reproductions of the old original Big Twin Springer forks are being made today by several companies and can be ordered with almost any extension length needed for a chopper project.Some people just like the nostalgic look of the stocker as seen below or the more modern rendition of the classic 60s chopper forks shown above.You dont see to many rigid forks today except on show bikes but at one time they were pretty popular because they could be built quickly and cheaply.


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