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His alma maters, the University of Oregon and Lewis & Clark Law School, have heaped awards on him.

He spearheaded the renovation of the Astoria Column, helped find a new home for the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and is a major benefactor of the Portland Art Museum and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Is this what you want to do with the rest of your life? (Courtesy Jordan Schnitzer) A toy company he bought in 1981, Northern Specialty Sales, flopped, causing the loss of about million.

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"I did not want the female embryos to be destroyed," she wrote, "so I agreed to take possession of the female embryos and [Schnitzer] would relinquish all rights to any female offspring produced from those embryos since he did not want any more female children." Sause renounced rights to any male embryo but not any male offspring in that contract.

That meant, her attorneys now claim, she was acknowledging Schnitzer would have custody of their son but she could still be the boy's genetic mother and enjoy visitation rights.

in 1906 and brought his five sons into what is now one of the nation's largest scrap metal businesses, publicly traded Schnitzer Steel, based in Portland.

In 1950, one of those sons, Harold Schnitzer, split from the scrap business and started Harsch Investment Properties.

Sause, 27 years Schnitzer's junior, had never been married.

A graduate of a Catholic high school and college, she was a Republican living in a small town far from Schnitzer's West Hills world.

Jordan Schnitzer says he discussed his desire to have a son with his mother, Arlene, a couple of years ago. In 1989, he bought Casablanca Industries, an electric fan company, for million. He was a Democrat and a leading benefactor of Jewish causes.

He belonged to the ultra-exclusive Bohemian Grove club in California and often flew in his 16-seat Bombardier Challenger 300 jet to his home at the Vintage Club in Indian Wells, Calif., where his neighbors include Bill Gates and Charles Koch.

When Sause and Schnitzer met, she'd been out of prison for five years and coming out of a relationship with Chuck Engle, a Coos Bay man who's won more marathons than any other runner.

Schnitzer had recently broken up with Sally Hopper, a mysterious ex-Playboy model whom a former boyfriend had accused of being an art thief ("Puttin' on the Schnitz," Sause recalls in her March 3 court filing that her thoughts were focused on the future: "I had recently turned 35 years old, and although having a child was not part of my immediate plan, I believed it was in my best interest to freeze genetic material in case I or one of my siblings had difficulty conceiving a child in the future. "I have two wonderful girls, and I thought it might be nice to do some balancing," he says.

Schnitzer's board memberships and civic contributions are too numerous to list.


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